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Here are some other gift ideas:
  • Thank you or Birthday card
  • Present a message for a "life event" (wedding or graduation)
  • Display a picture and a message
  • Store precious items and store on a book shelf
  • Present a hand written note
You can decorate and customize the hardbound cover with your title by adding your own pictures, ink stamps, metallic pen, or lettering purchased from a local hobby or scrapbooking store.


  • Become published by writing and displaying your favorite poem
  • present a wedding proposal (with a ring hidden inside)
  • Present a special invitation
  • Present a menu for a special occassion (wedding)
  • Present your favorite recipie
  • Present a short story - OnePage Press can display four pages
To see examples of these ideas and learn how to customize your own Keepsake book with your own title click the idea button on the main menu

100% of all the profits that OnePage Press receives from the sale of this book goes to local Colorado animal shelters. We are trying to make a small difference in the world for neglected and abused animals by combining our two passions: our love for animals and our love for books.

Our hope is that by sending / publishing your message to loved ones you also help pets get a second chance. We would like to think we are 'helping animals one book at a time'.

Good ways to write
Share the love! Write heartfelt treasured letters to loved ones on special occasions with the help of affordable 16-page tips booklets. .

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