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  • 100% Hand Crafted

    • Display your special message in this hollowed out book by slipping your work into the built in pocket. We take great pride crafting our OnePage Press keepsake books. All the materials are of the highest quality from the hardwood frames, the "SoftTouch" lamination that feels like real leather and the metallic paper used for the inside jacket material. We pay attention to details like the authentic book headband, real paper trim around the book block that is scored by hand to resemble the pages of a real book.

    • The wood and heavy binder board gives the book stength and the weight of a quality leather bound book. This hand crafted process enables us to customize your own personalized book in virtually any color, finish and size.

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    Main features of our product

  • Feature 1 Built in pocket

    After you have written (printed out) your message, you can use the insert as a template guide to cut your work to size. Then simply slide your work into the built-in pocket in back of the book.

    If your work is more than a page you can use picture corners to add addtional pages - visit the ideas section for more information. Your book can be up to four (4) pages in length.

    Click here to see demonstration

    Feature 2 Sturdy Construction

    The book is made with very heavy materials to compensate for the hollowed-out middle. We use sturdy basswood for the frame and the heaviest davey board (.098) for construction of the book's jacket and block.

    Feature 3 Matt/Leather Finish

    We use speacial "Soft Touch Matte" lamintating film on the jackets of the book that offers an icredibly smooth velvet feel, similar to leaather. The lamination also protects the book from scratching and dirt. The book can be easily cleaned.

    Feature 4 Headband

    Similar to a real book we use actual headband material that gives the book a look of quality. Also, each book is bound with a proprietary technique that provides a deep gutter that give a book a distintive look unlike any other book.

    Featrure 5 Paper covered block

    The wooden block (frame) is wrapped in thick paper that is hand scored with a razor blade to give an appearance of paper pages.



The idea started out as a hobby when I started making one page books in college. Over many years I would write and present poems to friends and family as gifts. Friends started to ask if I could make these books for them and there was a basis for a business. over many years we've been refining and improving the books in terms of both the overall look and contruction quality.

Because the business is new and the volume is relatively low, the operation is actully performed in our studio garage in back, with our binding equiment and tools. Because the business is more of a hobby we able to enjoy the ability to go out back and pour our creative energy into someting we truly love.

The best part is that is not our livelihood and all the proceeds and profit goes to our WriteToFeed.org charity where each book helps the lives of both pets and poeple. Basically, our passion and love for creativity will directly benefit animals and people in need.

Also, since the volume is so small we can create very custom and affordable books. For instance for and extra few dollars, we can customize your book with your name. Or we can creat a a completely custom book with your own jacket design and size and thickness to meet your special requirements - see our ideas for example of our custom books.

OnePage Press Team

  • 3/1987Developed first one page book for poetry where I carved out a book of Shakespearean sonnets
  • 4/1990Created a HardboundSolutions.com to allow people to print and create their own hardbound book,this included the book style and binding technique
  • 3/1995Partnered with Guildenmeister Books (the Book General) to selfpublish books for writers in Cleveland
  • 12/2000Developed the prototype the current OnePage Press with ability to insert/remove prose. All books were cloth-bound with foilstamping
  • 6/2004Continue developing, selling and gifing OnePage Press books, and began developing the newer style where based on an InkJet printed cover
  • 7/2015Launched OnePage Press website and began selling books on the internet
  • 8/2018Began selling books in local store and exapnded our sales operations on the the internet.
  • 9/2019Create Cigar books, and Sprits Flight books (a thicker version of OnePage Press)


Below is a collection of ideas and costomized books we've produced over the years

  • Add a picture

    You can add a picture on the front cover of the book with four picture corners
  • Display 4 pages

    You are not limted to one page, the book allows you to display up to four pages
  • Pet Memoriam Kit

    With the included ink card take an imprint of your pet's paw and display it in your book
  • Hide Precious Items

    Hide precious items within the book and store on a shelf
  • Tommy Smith


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How we give back

The profts go to local charities like the Humane Society and the Denver Rescue Mission.

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      Longmont, CO 80501, United States
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